Cinema Is Incomplete is a production and alternative distribution outfit, and a space for experiment on cinema and community initiatives. It was founded in 2011 in the Philippines following the launch of its cinematheque that showed independent Filipino and Southeast Asian films. Its current focus is in creative documentary production and collaborations in Asia and developing alternative distribution channels in the Philippines.

Cinema Is Incomplete supports and produces films that have the potential to bleed out of the cinema screen and impact with audience engagement on issues of local and international relevance. Cinema Is Incomplete has received the support of Sundance Churnentary Fund, Doha film Institute, Asian Network of Documentary, Ford Foundation, Movies That Matter, IDFA Bertha Fund and Purin Pictures, among others for its productions as well as for its community and distribution works .

In the Philippines, we have constantly partnered with the university of the Philippines Film Institute, Contagious Inc. and various alternative film initiatives for our cinema and community projects.